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        Osteopathy for pregnant women, new mums and babies can provide much soughtafter relief of the pains and discomforts associated with pregnancy and the months following child birth.


        Pain and discomfort may seem an inevitable aspect of pregnancy, due to the new strains being placed through the spine from weight gain, fluid retention and baby positioning, it in fact should not be a chronic feature. Gentle articulation and tension rebalancing through the spine and pelvis can help prevent and alleviate pain, making the experience of pregnancy much more comfortable.


        Following delivery, a woman's body goes through multiple sudden changes. The pelvis and internal organs reposition themselves, there is the sudden loss of 4 to 8 kg, and the hormonal system readjusts to a normal cycle. These changes can create their own tensions and misalignments that can be soothed with treatment.


        For newborn babies, birth can be a traumatic experience. A long or difficult labour puts strain on a baby's body. While babies are well adapted to cope with the forces of birth, it is not uncommon for a difficult delivery to be the cause of some common complaints such as:

  • Flat spots on the head

  • Inability or preference to turn the head in one direction

  • Digestive discomfort

  • Sleeping difficulties

  • Frequent and inconsolable crying


        Treatment of newborns uses gentle cranio-sacral osteopathy, an effective method of addressing the strains and complaints mentioned above, whilst simultaneously promoting the development of a young nervous system through tactile stimulation and a calm, nurturing environment.


        The ultimate goal of treatment for mums and babies is to encourage tissue release and restore mobility to areas that have been strained as a result of pregnancy and birth. The results facilitate within the body a balanced and unrestricted flow of nerve signals and fluid.   


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