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        Following surgery, the body has a strong inflammatory response around the site of operation. This results in swelling, restricted joint movement and scar tissue production, causing pain and tension.

        Commencing an active rehabilitation program as soon as possible is recognized as being the best and quickest way to recovery. Osteopaths are trained to managed these programs through creating exercise programs, as well as monitoring progress and educating patients on expected recovery timelines.

        Osteopathic treatment sessions assist tissue recovery by aiding fluid drainage and encouraging normal joint range of motion through the application of gentle articulation and effleurage.





        Scar tissue is an inevitable result of any surgerical procedure. It can develop in any tissue as part of the natural repair process.

        Scars form due to unorganized and excessive depositions of collagen. Collagen increases the strength of injured tissue, however making it much less flexible. This rigid, contracted tissue pulls on the tissues surrounding it creating pain and discomfort.


        Myofascial release techniques performed by osteopaths, including gentle stretching and stimulatory massage to scar tissue promotes circulation, heat and an improved organisation of the collagen fibers. The increased pliability and flexability allows greater freedom of movement and less secondary affects to surrounding tissue. 

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